shining moment

sometimes, you pause in slight, disbelief
between moment and months

you glance over your shoulder 
to look back and smile

by the Grace of God, you made it together
scaled over both, mountain and molehill

treading pools of hurts 
and floods of exhausted woes

clenched hands give praise
for both the rain and radiant sun Son
that carry you through each storm
weathered with linked locked fingers

intertwined, tightly, stepping together
in sync, facing new fronts

as one powerful force 
bracing against the tide
surging against heart and home
you close your eyes and center your soul

you inhale a bouquet of memories
and whisper prayers of gratitude

for this day, for this gift
for the friend by your side

still the apple of your eye
still wipes a tear when you cry

still keeps the hope of love alive
still willing each day to try

still a love, dark, handsome, and fine
fighting for forever in time

just like the marquise diamond over time
this love still shines


Quarantine’s house

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya on Pexels.com
Small smaller, smallest
the house feels tiny
tight, tighter, tightest
the rooms are shrinking
I inch downstairs
You slide upstairs
dinner table toys with me
it expanded overnight
chairs no longer fit
now I wish for a bigger space
with more rooms
Oh to get lost in so many rooms
where worry could search for hours
and still never find me
where laughter and love
could over stay their welcome
where I could inhale space
and let its scent 
Center the mind
calm racing thoughts
pushing through
joy is coming
visiting us in the morning 

Zaila Rising!

Black girl Black girl
What do you see?

I see the world bowing 
in curtsey
at your feet!

Your royalty like a diamond, 
outshines darkest days gone by
catapulted from a loss in 2019
and victory deprived  
take your place on the podium
a champion not to be denied

I see you beaming with a smile 
as bright as the sun
Nelson Mandela said it best
"It always seems impossible until its done."

Zaila in its Arabic beauty means might
a mighty girl soared to the top, this day
you climbed your own Mt. Everest 
and let nothing stand in your way!

you have that Black girl magic!
no potions, just purposed and poised
using your mind to change the world
Black mamas and daddies are overjoyed!

Murraya is a flower, like Zaila, its diverse
both can take the most intense heat 
and still grow strong in this universe

as the confetti pours down
all the colors celebrate your Black hue
the first Black American 
Scipps National Spelling Bee winner
other girls will aspire to achieve like you

Gholdy Muhammed said, you are rooted in Black Genius
let this brilliance light the way
so more Black girls will boldly say
with Knowledge as my weapon 
I am locked, fully armed, and ready to slay.



Sunday mornin

Nothing like that Sunday morning worship feeling!!!!!
We serve a living God!!!!! 
I implore you to find a your praise today 
cleave to it, with your whole self 
like the dear panteth for water
at the edge of the beautiful brook
like the clouds longs for bright blue skys
like the dew searches for each blade of grass
like the flame searches for the most intense fire
pause yesterdays regrets, disappoints
you know the places where you came up short
the people you love but hurt just as much
Sunday brings fresh rain
an outstretch hands
a pouring out of hearts
Find your place of worship Then run in! 
#Sunday #Sundayvibes #Sundayworship

love at the helm

honors  neurologist #SirLudwigGuttman


the power of 1
dare to defy racist
laws that once denounced our 
Jewish brothers and sisters

yet this power to uplift the world
and carry it on broad shoulders with
room still for those who embrace
Halakhah and those who do not, 
caring deeply for beautiful souls
who move mountains with their tenacity
upholding all under the umbrella of humanity
who wheel through life
able minded and 
mission focused
two become the change

Oscar’s amor

this would be the day
a day to risk it all 
in search for something more
than he had ever received from El Salvador's hands

before him stretched the Rio Grande
ominous and grandiose it swayed
heaving and swelling matching the 
pulsing of his breath, 
the beating of his pumping heart
hiding any dismay

He could see la Estados Unidos
He could smell freedom from afar
He could hear her call
over his racing thoughts

Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramirez
wanted more, had waited months for more
but on this day could wait no longer
he had no more prayers to pray
so he called to the saints
to be with him come what may

with one last look in two year old Valeria's eyes 
he wished the world for his hija
the amor of his life 
now the engine for his mission
He scooped Valeria to his side  
submerged himself in the cool cold waters
each stroke pulled him closer till he reached the Texas shore
and took care to sit Valeria safely to the side
focused, he knew his mission demanded more

he submerged himself in the Grande once again 
to fetch his Tania his wife and bring her to shore
but when Valeria saw him swim away 
she cried in fear for his life
she jumped in the water to save him
little heart of love inside
the two clenched to each other as
the river tossed them to and fro
father swam with all his might
but the river would not let them go
he risked it all, he gave it all for love
few could ever really understand
the love of a father 
to provide more for his family
Oscar's dream forever etched
in the Rio Grande


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